More than mere follow-up, Chassany Watrelot & Associés provides its clients with real accompaniment and strong support, assigning to each of them a dedicated lawyer who is perfectly aware of their social background and can therefore anticipate and answer any specific query, even in an emergency.

Advice provided by Chassany Watrelot & Associés calls upon its expertise in employment law but also in all the other legal areas impacting human resources.

Legal advice covers all aspects of employee management and human resources policies.

Chassany Watrelot & Associés guides its clients at all steps of employment relations, either individual or collective:

  • drafting of employment contracts: ranging from “standard contracts” to top management contracts
  • follow-up of employment relations: suspension of employment contracts, appraisal procedures, disciplinary action…
  • management of employment contract termination: follow-up of procedures, drafting of dismissal letters, negotiation and preparation of settlement agreements…
  • payroll: salary analysis to identify any submission to/exemption of social contributions and tax, modalities of reduction of social contributions, management of employee absences…
  • social security law: reimbursement policies for business expenses, benefits in kind…
  • URSSAF (French social security contribution collection office): follow-up of inspections, checking of compliance with procedural rules, assistance in relations with inspectors (discussions and meetings during and after inspections, response to observations…)
  • international mobility: secondment abroad, expatriation and impatriation
  • development of collective status: internal rulebook, charters (ethical, IT…), welcome booklets…
  • working time organization: legal compliance audits, optimization of working time organization
  • compensation policies: overview of compensation policies and advice on all options available (base salary, variable pay, mandatory and optional profit-sharing schemes, retirement schemes, employee savings schemes and stock options plans)
  • elections of staff representatives: preparation of pre-electoral agreements and practical assistance during the election-proceedings
  • relations with unions and staff representatives: preparation of meetings, training and assistance to the presidency of staff representative institutions, management of company obligations regarding compulsory periodic consultations…
  • collective negotiation: advising businesses on their strategy of negotiation with unions (compulsory or voluntary negotiations)
  • job and skills management schemes (GPEC: Gestion prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences): assistance with the development of these schemes, with the consultation of the staff representatives institutions and with the negotiation with social partners
  • evolution of the company (structural or functional reorganization, relocation, business externalization…): study of the situation, identification of possible “sticking points”, leeway and operational solutions, drafting of the information file for the staff representatives institutions…
  • social plans (PSE: Plans de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi): development of the time schedule of the process, participation in preparation of the communication with the staff, its representatives and public authorities, support at all stages of the consultation process of staff representative institutions as well as during the negotiation of method agreements and drafting of all documents the process requires (social plan, economic notes for the staff representatives, letters to the administration, redeployment offers, dismissal letters, etc.)
  • industrial action (strikes): assistance in the management of conflicts, discussions with unions and public authorities, development of solutions ensuring the continuity of the activity (before the courts, if need be)
  • follow-up of relations with the administration: labour inspectorate, occupational health service